History of OGO

In 1994, Andrew Akers and Dwane van der Sluis invented a big inflatable ball that people could jump inside and roll around in. Initially they thought they could use the ball for walking on water but they soon found they could have more fun rolling down hills in it.

Check out our timeline of mildly interesting events that have happened since;

Andrew promotes Coca-Cola in Taiwan

David promotes Nikeon tour with the Brazilian soccer team in Korea & Japan with muchas samba dancers

The Flaming Lips' request free ball for use in concerts - Andrew refuses request after listening to album 'Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots'

Andrew wears suit and white gloves to open first operations in Ashikita, Japan

Peter Gabriel sings from inside the ball on-stage during 'Growing Up Live' tour of Europe and USA

Andrew films Coca-Cola ad in Malaysia through school hallways and down staircases

The Amazing Race uses the balls in Rotorua, NZ

Chris Roberts invests and joins company to develop a site in the USA

David invents inflatable cylinder and tests on beach north of Auckland. The prototype craft is hit by boat and sunk - David swims to safety

Andrew introduces elephants to the ball at the Auckland Zoo, NZ - much trumpeting

Andrew travels to Bermuda for promotion with 20/20 cricket tournament

Chris provides ball to 'Lola Bananas' for drag-queen beauty contest

Andrew & David leave original company frustrated by an increasingly corporate culture imposed by new regime controlling the company

Chris promotes Bell-South in USA in ad (and wishes to be known as the stuntman inside the ball on TV)

Andrew & David sell shareholding and sever ties to original company

Chris leaves original company

Andrew & David develop games company 'Sacred Echo'

David invents Fishpipe

Chris sets up OGO USA

Amesbury Sports Park opens OGO site in MA, USA

1st Fishpipe opens for business in Mt Maunganui, NZ

Andrew & David join forces with Chris Roberts to develop OGO & Fishpipe internationally

'Roundtop Ski Resort' open OGO site in PA, USA

Fishpipe opens in Pigeon Forge, TN, USA

OGO and Fishpipe attend IAAPA Expo in Las Vegas

Fishpipe opens in Philip Island, Australia

Andrew & Dwane invent the 'orb' in Auckland, New Zealand

First downhill ball rolling tested at Akers' family farm near Kawerau, New Zealand


Trial down volcanic cone in One Tree Hill, NZ - click on image for VERY early video footage

1st appearnace on TV for Swedish show

Temporary site closed due to Motorway being built through it

Dwane resigns from company

Andrew visits Europe to start first operations outside NZ

David Akers starts first permanent site in Rotorua, New Zealand

David develops harness system for the balls

Andrew & David develop hydro form of the activity with water inside the balls

British TV show; 'Top Gear' film David inside the balls as stunt-double for Jeremy Clarkson

MTV film for 'Road Rules'

Andrew trials walking on water in LA water park

Andrew promotes Nike in Australia

Jet Propulsion Laboratories request ball for NASA research re Mars Landings - Andrew initially dismisses request as joke

Andrew provides balls to Seaworld, San Diego for 'cirque de la mer' production by Imagination Entertainment

Appearance at Burning Man, NB, USA

Andrew and ball in Times Square, NYC

Snow testing, trialed in Argentina

David invents new product; 'Zorpedo' trials on wife prove unsuccesful

Nickelodean shoot footage - David releases ball and knocks over presenter

Andrew visits operations in Chengdu, China

Paul Knight sets up park in South UK

Nude rides for free are banned after too many guys go naked

Fishpipe opens at Wahooo! Waterpark in Bahrain

Mobile Fishpipe starts operating out of Arizona, USA

Fishpipe opens in Dallas, Texas.

Horseshoe Resort opens OGO park in Ontario, Canada

We move to a new, bigger, brighter factory and hire more staff

Fishpipe appears on Discovery Channel

The OGO and the Fishpipe appear on Japanese TV

OGO appears on 'The Late Show with David Letterman